At Southwestern School (SWS), we strive to provide a rich, stimulating and caring environment in which every individual feels happy, safe, secure and confident. We encourage students to reach their full potential by fostering self esteem and a sense of achievement.

Teaching Staff
Committted and professional staff encourage high levels of performance from all students in a caring and supportive environment. All our staff are dedicated to the students at SWS and provide an engaging, enriching and differentiated programme.

Structured Performing Arts (SPA)
The SPA programme is part of the school curriculum for students from Primary I to IV. It covers 4 key areas:-

1) Club Activities    2) Dance    3) Music    4) Art

Faction/House Competition
School has four factions/houses: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Students compete in various ECA and CCA according to these Factions or Houses.

Co-curricular Activities (CCA) / Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)
Southwestern School regularly hosts a whole school CCA/ECA competition for all Primary students like Poem writing and recitation, Extempore, Spelling Bee, Handwriting, Elocution, Debate, Table tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball  and more. Students can win prizes and these are presented at a special assembly.

Project Work and Field Trips
To fulfill curriculum requirements, students participate in all field trips and do projects.

Listening / Speaking and Book review
The curriculum selected and designed requires students to prepare a book review on any novel, story biography etc.

Presentation Class
Students prepare presentation (PPT or Chart paper) based on their subject matter or certain topic and present it in front of parents, teachers and their friends. The winner group is given privileged to perform in the special assembly

Regular Assessment System
Students daily activities are observed and are awarded with grades in every term. Regularity, Punctuality, Homework Submission, Attitude towards others are few categories where students are evaluated.