Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: We are open Sunday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. The school day begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.The school gets closed 30 minutes earlier in winter.

Q: What is your educational philosophy?
A: Our education philosophy is to foster the skills of emotional intelligence, which are critical for promoting academic, social, and personal success. We focus on instilling a love of learning in each child, allowing the seeds of curiosity and wonder to take root, blossom, and continue to grow for a lifetime.

Q: Does your school provide meal or snacks in school?
A: Our canteen provides healthy meal and snacks upon the request made by parents.

Q: What are your dates of operation?
A: We are open throughout the year and is closed only during Dashian, Tihar and Winter Vacation. We are also closed on government holidays such as Shivaratri, Fagu purnima, etc.

Q: What is the enrollment process?
A: Parents may fill out an application form upon the visitation to the school.  A meeting with an administrator is fixed upon the request who will further answer questions and discuss availability of the school. A student needs to take an entrance test to get enrolled in the school.

Q: What is the educational level of teachers?
A: We hire only the most experienced, qualified, and well-educated teachers. Our hiring requirements surpass those set by the state – all of our teachers have bachelor’s degrees or higher, as well as an in-depth understanding of early childhood development and experience in the field.

Q: What is the fee structure?

A: We rather say our fee structure is very scientific, reasonable and justifiable. Fee structure can be collected from school reception on request. One month fee is waived if annual payment is made.

Q: How can we pay the fees?

A: Monthly and tuition fees must be paid immediately after the bill is issued. Fees can be paid on terminal basis but in advance.

Q: Does the school offer Kindergarten/ Preschool?

A: Yes. We offer a unique program that offers a comprehensive approach to learning within a full academic curriculum under the kindergarten / pre-school program.

Q: Do you have transportation service for students?
A: School provides a unique shuttle service offering a pre-arranged / pre-scheduled “shared ride” from school. School charges for transportation service according to the distance. The bus riders are to compulsorily produce bus card on pay from account section.

Q: Do you have an after school program?
A: Yes. We offer an enriching after school program which is also known as extended hour. Parents need to make the necessary arrangements like snacks, transportation. But the school has not planned any other training for students except for Karate.

Q: How are parents made aware of their children’s progress at Southwestern?
A: Parents are made aware of their children’s progress through progress report. In addition, teachers communicate with parents on a daily basis through a schedule. Communication with parents is an important part of our program.  Our teachers are always available to talk with parents.

Q: Is Southwestern a diverse community?
A: Yes. We value and celebrate diversity and benefit from a culturally diverse student and family community

Q: What are the classes operated in school?
A: We operate from nursery to Grade X in a wholesome environment.

Q: Does learning happen outside the textbooks/classrooms?                                                      

A: We believe in this very say. We encourage our students to learn from beyond the text and besides the classroom to fulfill curriculum requirements. For example we take students to paddy field to see planting, harvesting, etc.

Q: What is the dress code for students?                                                                                    

A: Students put on the prescribed uniform throughout the week, however; Wednesday is “free dress” day up to class IV. It is extended on Monday in Pre-School.

Q: How are questions from the children handled?
A: Every child’s query is addressed caressingly and wisely. We give top priority to address their issues. We encourage them to express their feelings.

Q: What is the school’s policy on punishment?
A: School does not punish kids rather boosts up morally and emotionally. We totally discourage the corporal or any form of harassment.

Q: How are children assessed?
A: Students daily activities are observed and are awarded with grades in every term. Regularity, Punctuality, Homework Submission, Attitude towards others are few categories where students are evaluated

Q: Can we visit the classroom?

A: In general, visitations to classrooms are discouraged.  You can contact your teacher to make arrangements if it is necessary to visit.

Q: What additional programs are offered in School?

A: The few of the additional programs offered are:


Compulsory Scout Class

Make up Test

Optional Club Activities

Leadership and Social Activities

Fun Filled and Creative Activities

Structured Performing Arts (SPA)

Project Work and Field Trips

Listening / Speaking and Book review

Home Visit, etc.