At SWS, we strive to provide your child with a safe and caring place to learn, grow, and have fun. Our goal is to help your child develop a positive attitude towards learning through the time-tested Montessori Method and Early Childhood Education.

Exceptional Staff
We have been blessed at SWS with an outstanding and experienced staff.

Highly Integrated Curriculum
Lessons are interwoven from an early age. We emphasize on direct contact with concrete learning materials. Children learn by doing; investigation, research, and memorable self- discovery.

Our school uses themes to guide the materials, toys and books that we have out, and the projects we do.

Character Development
A conscious effort is made to instill children with kindness, peacefulness and respect for others and the world around them.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio
Class size is limited to 15 students with two co-teachers for each class.

Presentation Class
Students prepare presentation based on their subject matter or certain topic and present it in front of parents, teachers and their friends. The winner group is given privileged to perform in the special assembly by the principal and respective level coordinator.

Field Trips
Trips To fulfill curriculum requirements, students must participate in all field trips. A permission form must be turned into the office prior to our child participating in Field Trip.

 Arrival / Dismissal Procedure
Children are to arrive to their classrooms by 9:00 am. Students will be dismissed promptly after 3:00pm. We issue a Receiving Card which must be produced by parents or guardians during the release.

Students put on the prescribed uniform throughout four days in a week; however, Monday and Wednesday is “Free Dress” day.

With smaller class sizes than traditional schools, focused students have ample time to complete work assigned in class. Various skills and class projects may be sent home.

In addition to daily music in the classrooms and outdoors, the preschoolers gather weekly in the music room with our music teacher.

Play Group
We have play group section with day care service.

Oral Exam
For overall development of students, SWS has started applying oral exam. It helps them develop speaking skill with confidence.