Southwestern School (SWS), an ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified organization-promoted by the team of academicians, researchers, planners and professionals at national and international levels-committed to providing quality education in Nepal which is equivalent to international standards. SWS is positioned ideally in proximity to Ring Road, has undoubtedly friendly, supportive and stimulating environment.
At SWS, we are determined for providing our child with a safe and caring place to learn, grow, and have fun. Our goal is to help a child develop an affirmative attitude towards learning through relevant Curriculum and Pedagogy. Making all-rounder from every aspect is our main objectives.

An additional information regarding school is mentioned below. We hope this help you know more about us:

Policy- No Discrimination at all
all SWS admits students of any race, color and national ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available to students at the school. The administration, however, reserves the right to dismiss or refuse admission to anyone unwilling to comply with the school’s rules and regulations or meet academic or behavioural standards.

Enrollment Policy
All forms must be completed and all fees paid students are accepted. Parents/ Guardians/ Students interview with the principal will be scheduled after paperwork is completed and submitted. The principal and board members will determine acceptance and placement.

School Hours
The school day begins promptly at 9:25 a.m. The school day ends at 4:10 p.m. Sunday-Friday.  The school remains closed 30 minutes earlier in winter.

Other Classes
Morning class starts from 6:45am to 8:15am/ 9:45am. Similarly, basic class starts from 8:45 am to 9:50 am and evening class starts from 4:45 pm to 5:30 pm.

SWS administers and measures students’ progress in regular basis. If a student misses exams due to illness, a doctor’s note will be required. Moreover, student’s performances are regularly examined throughout the year and are awarded with marks and grades in areas such as handwriting, homework submission, attitude towards other, conduct project work, book and copy condition, regularity etc.

Dress Code
Uniforms are required in all the grades. Clothing should be neat and clean. Further, students who are in non-compliance with the dress code will be asked to change, or if necessary, to call home for a change of clothing to be brought to school.

Classroom Visitation
Uniforms are required in all the grades. Clothing should be neat and clean. Further, students who are in non-compliance with the dress code will be asked to change, or if necessary, to call home for a change of clothing to be brought to school.

Classroom Visitation
In general, visitations to classrooms are discouraged.  Please contact your teacher to make arrangements if it is necessary to visit. Anybody wanting to do so should seek permission from the principal.  Any visitors to the school must sign in at the office first.

  • Each classroom has maximum 30/35 students,
  • All classrooms have multimedia -projector, CCTV and PA system.
  • Each classroom allows a space to serve students for overall activities

Lunch Guidelines
Students will have a scheduled lunch period and will eat in a supervised lunch area.  No special food stuffs like pizzas, junk foods or else are allowed.

There are number of opportunities for children to take part in activities inside and outside. School offers variety of sports such as basketball, table tenis, futsal, cricket, chess & others. Further co-curricular activities, different clubs, music, art and craft, language, civic education, presentation classes, class decoration along with hiking, field visits, a range of team building activities and adventurous activities are the bones for the holistic development and achievement of every student.

We actively encourage all children to complete their assignment, read at home every day, and seek necessary help from the seniors. The children are expected to do about two/three hours of homework in the evening.
Moreover, they will be assigned with special work during holidays including problem solving, project work, collecting relevant materials, art and craft, asking questions/ conducting interviews etc.

Fun Filled and Creative Activities
Interestingly, we have been doing- fete, science exhibition, mathematics exhibition, subject-wise exhibition, project work, report writing, civic education, interactive learning, project work, field Trip, listening /speaking, watching inspirational movies, book review, presentation class, mathematical Quiz and frequent monitoring of teaching and learning. Further, Leadership and social activities, co-curricular activities, extracurricular activities and Parent-Teacher Meeting have been in need basis.

Principal along with Coordinators and HODs design the curriculum and frame the program to be implemented throughout the year. Teachers will work on Annual, Terminal, Monthly and Lesson Wise Lesson Plan. Importantly, we will try to include photography, cooking, anchoring and other Classes for extra polishing. We will have a strong attempt to recommend implementing one of the internationally accepted courses and methodologies.

Dismissal Procedure
Once students arrive at school, they are not allowed to leave premises until school hour ends except as authorized by the school administration. Students are checked out of school by means of a written note, email or telephone authorization supplied by either parent-guardian for appointments. This communication is to be routed through the school office and is subject to verification and approval.

Classroom Visitation
In general, visitations to classrooms are discouraged. Students have to contact teacher to make arrangements if it is necessary to visit. Anybody wishing to do so must seek permission from the principal. Any visitor to the school must follow the system prepared by the school.

Additional Learning Support Program
To support leaning further, school has adopted various strategies and programs for students and teachers. Smart and well equipped library, well managed and equipped Science Lab, Hi Tech Computer Labs, well equipped separate audio visual room. In addition, various field visits, case study, survey etc are organized regularly.

Learning Support Teacher
We are to provide a learning support teacher in different level as much as possible. Here we will have a different TOR for the teacher. One must guide the students with learning difficulties from each level and take proxy classes without payments.

This time along with regular staff nurse, we will manage visiting doctors sometimes. The room has been more equipped with first aid materials

It is very clear and obvious that the existing team of teaching and non teaching staff, to some extent, will not help us meet the desired goals. We need to filter the present team and start the new recruitment next year very consciously.

Once we are shifted to our new avenue, we have been doing assembly in differnet times. The popular house assembly is divided as per our convenience: Sunday normal junior assembly, Monday normal senior assembly, Tuesday junior house assembly, Wednesday and Thursday Scout and Friday senior house assembly. The hygiene inspection has been done at assembly and even in classroom which will go on as usual and record of which will be kept every day.

Shuttle Service
SWS provides a unique shuttle service offering a pre-arranged / pre- scheduled “shared ride” from school. School charges for transportation services according to the distance. Termination of transportation service is not permitted and a petition note should be filed to the office if it is necessary.

Lunch Guidelines
Students will have a scheduled lunch period and will eat in a supervised lunch area. No junk food or else is allowed.

Attendance and Tardiness
Regular school attendance is essential for continuity of learning. Consequently, the only excused absences are those involving students’ illness all of sudden and family emergencies. Other absences are considered unexcused of anticipated absences. Mind You! Petition of sick leave or any form of leave should be made in student’s diary. A doctor’s note is a MUST.

Interactive Learning
The school pursues its mission to develop independent learners to prepare them for success moving away from teacher-centered teaching to student- centered learning. The school use Total Physical Response (TRP) Method as a pedagogy. The audio-visual learning, presentation, super learning and 3Di school program have been prioritized in daily teaching.

International Perspectives
As we have been awarded International School Award, teaching students to look at issues from a global viewpoint injecting international perspectives into the national curriculum where applicable. Shortly, comparative approach to global theme in the classroom and activities and awareness of Global events for progress and prosperity of overall school is and will be the focal point.

Collaboration and Communication
There is strong team work among teachers in all grades except few. Everybody gets involved and connected to each other to identify problems and make better solution.

Training is a must to meet the goal of our institution. It helps to get updated knowledge and sharing which is important practice in successful and popular schools. We strongly recommend and suggest providing rigorous trainings to staff members. Trainings and workshops must be organized time to time to boost up the teachers academically and professionally.