The purpose of education in Secondary Level at Southwestern School (SWS) is to grow children into productive citizens that use their knowledge, talents, and learned skills to sustain themselves and help others while pushing the human race forward.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments
The planned and actual curricula are aligned with the essential academic learning requirements. Importantly, Research based teaching strategies and materials are used to be using.

Teaching Faculty
Years of excellence experienced, qualified and dedicated team to deliver the utmost lesson to make students prepare for life.

Regular Test
Grades VIII, IX and X take regular tests on Saturday and Holidays or as per requirements.

Extra Class
Extra Classes are run in these grades to intensify and polish academic performance for those who need and wish to improve being a part of it.

Special Class
Special class is for those who are below average academically to maintain minimum requirement.

Scout Class
To develop leadership and sense of responsibility, students are a part of scout. No Scout class for grade 10.

3Di School Program
3Di School is a digital arts education program, developed in New Zealand and delivered to educational institutions across globe. Digital media is the main focus of the 3Di program, which strives to teach students about art utilizing creative technology as the foundation for learning in the vision of developing new techniques of learning, soft skills and also to introduce the generations to future technologies.

No Book Day
To be free from head-eating ideas in day to day learning, we have introduced “NO Book Day”. Students are involved in activities based learning without carrying regular books except class ten.

Super Learning Class
This course will teach students how to hack their learning, reading, and memory skills, empowering them to learn anything and everything faster and more effectively.

Club Activities
Students have to have their compulsory participation in Club activities such as Dancing, Singing, Basketball, Cricket, Public Speaking, Anchoring, Karate, Taekwondo, Wushu and others.Compulsory club activities will not be applied for grade 10. Book List: A selection team by subject experts, subject teachers and coordinators are in stand by position for the academic session-2077.

Presentation Class
Students prepare presentation based on their subject matter or certain topic and present it in front of parents, teachers and their friends. The winner group is given privileged to perform in the special assembly by the principal and respective level coordinator.

For the needy one, SWS has seperate hostel for boys and girls.

For overall development of students, SWS has started applying oral exam. It helps them develop speaking skill with confidence.

High Level of Collabortion and Communication
There is strong team work among teachers across all grades and with other staff. Everybody is involved and connected to each other, including parents, students and stakeholders to identify problems and work on solution.

For Academic Improvements: The following steps improve and address the academic aspect fruitfully.

  • Selection of Best Curriculum
  • Annual lesson Plan
  • Timely Completion of Lesson
  • Better Discipline
  • Improved Spoken English Environment
  • Regular Follow Up of Course Completion and Implementation of Lesson Plan.
  • Surprise Classroom Observation and Cross- Checking by Principal
  • Regular Classes
  • Terminal Exams
  • Month of Unit Test
  • Regular Assessment System
  • Regular Homework (Through Homework Schedule)
  • Ample Revision before Examination
  • Regular Feedback to Students
  • Students Counseling/ Encouragement
  • Regular Follow Up to Parents
  • Regular Surprise Test
  • Coordination among counterparts (Subject Teachers)
  • Handwriting Improvements
  • Handwriting training
  • Regular Follow Up through HODs and make them accountable
  • Focus on Copy checking
  • Strict and Regular Diary Follow up
  • Super Learning
  • 3Di School Program
  • Audio- Visual Class
  • Book Review
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Project Work • More Practical classes (computer)
  • Follow up by Level Coordinators
  • Check and balance by Principal
  • Yoga in regural basis
  • Motivational classes by the expert
  • Oral Examination

Fun Filled and Creative Activities

Honours and Remedial Classes

Frequent Monitoring of Learning and Teaching

Library Media Services

Make up Test

Leadership and Social Activities

Civic Education                                                                                                              

Co-curricular Activities (CCA) / Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

Project work and Field Trips

Listening / Speaking and Book review

Presentation class

Regular Assessment System

Regular and Need basis Parent Teacher Meeting

Friends of Zoo (FOZ)